• How to Eat Around the world

How to Eat Around the world

Richard Sterling is known variously as Conan of the Kitchen, the Indiana Jones of Gastronomy, the Man Who Will Eat Anything—Once, and the Fearless Diner. In How to Eat Around the World, Richard takes the reader on a gastronomical romp from the high style of European cuisine (Service a la Russe) to eating congealed blood from a wood bowl in the Philippines. Richard truly has tried everything, at least once, and in this book he demystifies exotic cuisine so it becomes more accessible and helps readers understand the varying mores and dining customs of the world’s peoples. He explains how differing cuisines have influenced each other, how food, like language, has migrated across continents, and how sharing meals can be the most meaningful and articulate way to engage a culture and share your own experience. Richard helps readers become comfortable with the world’s cuisines so they can seek out the exotic or simply feel at ease eating foods that appear strange, unappealing, or simply different.