• The Fire Never Dies

The Fire Never Dies

One man's raucuos romp - a review

Raymond Chandler meets M.F.K Fisher

Richard Sterling's writing is like nothing I've encountered before in food or adventure writing--an amazing cross between Raymond Chandler's hard-boiled detective writing and M.F.K. Fisher's hymns to food and culture. This is one unique talent at work, someone you shouldn't miss. And lest I forget, in many of the stories in this book, he's funnier than Bill Bryson or David Sedaris--not just laugh out loud funny, but tears-streaming down your face funny.Perhaps the book is more of a guy's book, but I think women might find it a fascinating look into a man's life...exotic shores, strange meals, poignant friendships, wartime adventures, and all kinds of nonsense that men do indeed revel in.
-- Amazon review