• Richard Sterling's Works

Richard Sterling's Works

Sterling’s writing is like spitfire, foursquare and jazzy with crackle, and his behavior is just scary enough to make you glad you’re not approaching a touchy border crossing in his company.
—  Kirkus Reviews

All travelers, whether they are novices or seasoned pros, can profit by this book.
— New York Times

Nightstand reading of the first order.
—Los Angeles Times

Richard Sterling’s writing reminds me of M.F.K. Fisher. But where she is elegant and feminine, he is wild and masculine.
— Maxine Hong Kingston, author of Woman Warrior

Richard Sterling travels like I do, eats like I do but, damn it, he’s a better cook!
— Joe Cummings, author of Lonely Planet Thailand

As a storyteller, Sterling excels; he reels off his tales with the pulp-fiction flair of a fireside storyteller, taking sincere pleasure in the richness of the English language.
— George Zahora, Splendid Ezine

Richard Sterling lives up to his title as the gifted storyteller serving as tour guide who takes the reader through a series of sassy escapades along roads less traveled…Sterling’s macho-gastro-comical adventures tinged with equal parts of pathos, earthy humor and just a pinch of malarkey may be just the right recipe to kick start jaded taste buds to new heights.
—Frequent Flyer Online